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Jeemootha Bringadhi Herbal Hair Oil

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Jeemootha Bringadhi Herbal Hair Oil
Herbal Treatment Hair Oil
Jeemootha Herbal Hair Oil is not just like any other hair oil. It is a unique treatment oil with the purpose of treating various diseases on the scalp like dandruff, itching, hair fall, premature graying etc. it is purely Ayurvedic and prepared from very precious medicinal leaves, extracts from plants, roots and flowers and processed to dissolve in pure coconut oil. It is a unique product carefully processed for assured results.
* A unique feature of Jeemootha Herbal Oil : Deep sleep, cooling your head and eyes.

Hair fall, itching, Premature Graying
The major reasons for hair fall and itching are due to dandruff and other diseases on the scalp. Mostly it is fungal. It causes nonstop fail of hair and scalp gets a covering of dandruff and prevents new hair coming from the goes deep in to the head. Cures the dandruff and other diseases on the scalp which causes the hair fall.

Rapid hair Growth
The hair follicles through which the new hair has to come out get blocked by dandruff thus preventing the new hair from coming out. Once dandruff gets cleared with Jeemootha herbal hair oil these follicles open and new hair will come out through these opened hair follicles. The medicinal effects of Jeemootha make the hair strong and healthy. Thus Jeemootha helps stopping hair fail, treats dandruff and helps plenty of new hair come from the clean scalp.

Dandruff – different kinds
There are different kinds of dandruff. Some are visible on the scalp and some are hidden. Widely spread and keep rooted beneath the scalp. It is a serious disease that leads to hair fall. The fungus in this way is very dangerous and remove hair from the scalp making one even bald, be it male or female, young or old. So dandruff and associated hair fall is a dematological disease and needs treatment not to be taken lightly and remain un challenged.

How to use
Jeemootha herbal hair oil has to be applied with care and caution. Apply Jeemootha herbal hair oil only on scalp and not to the entire hair length. Massage gently for 20 to 30 minutes and wash by taking head wash. No need to use shampoo or soap to remove the oil. The oil gets absorbed by cover. This is the Unique property of Jeemootha herbal hair oil unlike any other hair oil. If you are the particular to wash with shampoo, don’t apply chemical shampoo even herbal shampoo directly on the scalp. Make foam out of shampoo or soap and use it to wash in cold or luke warm water. You will get an amazing feel of cooliness on the head and eyes and get good sleep.

Dandruff reappears again? How?
After applying Jeemootha herbal hair oil for three to four days, the dandruff get completely cured. But everything in contact with hair or scalp like bath towel, pillow cover, comb, handkerchief, helmet and the like are packed with dandruff. When you use these again without sterlizing in boiling water, the fungus will conquer your scalp immediately. Never allow this to happen. All tose items mentioned above have to be thoroughly sterlized in boiling water. It will eliminate all fungus thus makes the scalp free from dandruff and other scalp diseases preventing dandruff from coming back again.

Hair falls after using Jeemootha herbal hair oil
In some people in the first few days of Jeemootha herbal hair oil application, there may be small increase in hair fall. Donot panic and don’t stop using Jeemootha for this reason. It is a cleaning process of the scalp and the weak and feeble hair only will fail.

Contra indications
The ingredents in Jeemootha herbal hair oil delve deep in to the head making the head and eyes cool. People suffering from Cold, Sinusitis, Running nose etc. should use it with caution. Depending on health conditions. It may be applied on alternate days without allowing the oil to stay on the head for long time and avoid sweating with oil on the scalp.


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Each 100 ml Jeemootha is prepared out of:
1. Legenariasiceraia (LF) Juice 100 ml
2. Taivetia Neerifolia (LF) Juice 100 ml
3. Caloropics Giganfean (LF) Juice 100 ml
4. Gossypium Herbaceous (RT) Fine Powder 12.5 gm
5. Eclipa Prostrata (PL) Juice 100 ml
6. Curcuma Longa (RZ) Juice 100 ml
7. Indigofera Tintoria (LF) Juice 100 ml
8. Coconut Oil 100 ml.
Manufacturing Process:
The incredients are processed at optinal heat level to dissolve the essence in pure coconut oil in making Jeemotha herbal hair oil – A unique treatment hair oil
Each Jeemootha herbal hair oil Bottle Containing 100 ml net.
Do not apply any other oil or hair creams while applying Jeemotha herbal hair oil

Specification: Jeemootha Bringadhi Herbal Hair Oil

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